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My name is Bryan, and I am a Stay At Home Dad here and proud resident of Kalamazoo Michigan. That is where the Kzoo in Kzoodad comes from in case you were wondering.

In 2012 I left my job as a sales rep to become a stay at home dad. My wife and I didn’t want a daycare to raise our kids. This decision became prophetic a few months later when my daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Did I mention my wife was 8 months pregnant with our second at the time? It was a very tough time, but we got through it. You can read more about  Ella’s ordeal here.

Not long after Ella’s surgery, Sophia was born. Doubling my work and ensuring a little job security for the foreseeable future. Now, Ella is almost 7 and you would never know what she went though. Sophia just turned 4 and is so full of energy I struggle to keep up.

Here on Kzoodad.com I  primarily write about my experiences as a Stay at Home Dad, my views on kids, family life, marriage and dad issues. But those aren’t the only topics I cover. I am a big craft beer fan, and will be happy to debate how much better Michigan beer is vs everything else out there. I cover beer related topics and have a hand in the Daddy Porter podcasts, both as a writer, producer and occasional host.

Besides writing,  I am a big sports fan, both real and fantasy, and absolutely horrible at golf even though I love it. Unfortunately for my bank account, I am also a big technology fan especially anything made by Apple, and can’t wait to try out anything shiny I can get my hands on.

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Please look around and enjoy.  Feel free to comment and share. If you have a question about Stay At Home Dads, Blogs, or my hometown, the craft beer mecca that is Kalamazoo MI. contact me. I love to hear from people. So take a look around and thanks for visiting Kzoodad.com.


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  • January 13, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    Bryan, just wanted to say I repeatedly enjoy your site. As a fellow Michigander and Dad, I appreciate your style and approach. Keep up the good work!



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