Sick Kids, I Hate it When I Have Sick Kids

Today started early. 4 am type of early. There was vomit everywhere.  My toddler had either attended a hell of a party last night, or she is a one sick kid. It was everywhere…. Luckily, my wife was home to help me deal with it. Since then, my daughter hasn’t kept much down. She looks and feels horrible. I feel so bad for her.

I can tell she is miserable. She doesn’t know how to really express how she feels, just telling me her tummy hurts. She looks to me to fix it, to make her feel better. Normally, I get to play superhero and make everything better. I am Daddy after all. But, lacking any super powers, except for my incredible good looks, there is nothing I can do to help her.

Having Sick Kids Sucks

I hate to admit it but I dislike having sick kids not just for how they feel, but for what it means to me. Having a sick kid is a huge task. First and foremost there is the vomit. Have you ever had to clean vomit off of a stuffed reindeer? I have. This time, she covered her sheets, her blanket, her pillow, the carpet, even a spare blanket near her bed. I hate cleaning up vomit. It isn’t the horrible texture, the warm temperature or the fact that it seems like it can stain everything. I hate the smell. It just lingers in the air, and is so pungent you can taste it. If you’re wondering it doesn’t taste good.

Luckily, when she isn’t in bed she is starting to understand to use the toilet to catch the puke, a handy college prep skill in my opinion. So far have been lucky and it has only come out of one end. I am very worried about this changing. I do not want to be cleaning the wall and the floor after a double assault. The one good thing? She is taking a few extra naps today. She is getting the rest she needs and giving me time to do my third load of laundry, cleaning puke from her

Then It Spreads

The real fear of any sickness in my house is the chance of it spreading. Whenever one of my girls are sick there is about a 75% chance the other will be sick as well. Once they both have had it, it is my wife turn. She will stay home from work, and I will have three sick kids to deal with. (sorry honey)

Then once everyone is feeling better and all sympathy is gone, it will be my turn. I will feel just as bad as everyone else, but no one feels bad for me they have all already lived it. Misery loves company I guess. I don’t know why but my family always seems to be on a mission to get me sick. Maybe this time, I will be lucky and avoid it. But since I have spent a few hours wrist deep in vomit, I am not betting on it.

How do you handle sick kids? Any tips? Advice? Let me know in the comments below.

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Bryan Alkire

Bryan is a Stay at Home Dad from Kalamazoo MI. Every day he is lucky enough to experience the joys and struggles of raising his two young girls. His older daughter, a brain tumor survivor, has just started school. His younger daughter is a ball of energy that always keeps him on his toes. He chronicles his adventures with his girls and beautiful wife on his blog When not watching the girls he plays golf (badly), enjoys craft beer, and working on that book he keeps promising to get done.

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  • March 18, 2015 at 8:04 am

    I’m brilliant with my kids, will do anything for them, cope with them half bleeding to death but I hate when they are sick (as in vomit) I panic they are going to throw up all the time and all three hate me looking after them when that kind of sick lol.


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