It’s Time For Amazon Mom To Change.

10505516_10153099548902836_1080321179875053715_nUpdate – Success Amazon heard us and made the change late in 2015
It’s time for Moms to change. Well, not all of them. Not even most of them. It’s time for the Amazon Mom’s, the Nick Mom’s, and all the other parenting websites, discount clubs, and advertising to change.Why does it seem that mom is the only one who matters? Why does Kix want us to know that they are “Kid Tested and Mom Approved”? Don’t they think anyone else in the household care what the kid is eating?

Our Cause

After the passing of one of our own, (Oren Miller – you will be missed.)  A group of us Dad Bloggers have joined together and created a petition, which as of the time I am writing this is already north of 6,750 signatures. Our focus, a site I really like and use way more than I should. Amazon Mom. Amazon Mom here in the US. It is Amazon Family in the Uk. And in Canada, France, Japan, Germany, and Austria. All we are asking is to be included. We want Amazon Mom to become Amazon Family in the US too.

I know many will feel we are being petty. I also know their argument, Moms do most of the shopping. Unfortunately that just isn’t true. A few years ago, Consumers Reports reported on a survey that found that 52% of Dads consider themselves the primary shopper.  So why here in the US are we not included? By the way, when I say, “we” I am not just talking about Dads. I am talking about the grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, or anyone else raising kids. Why are they ignored? Why don’t these caregivers matter to advertisers? “Choosy Moms Choose Jiff” but what do the rest of us choose?

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This isn’t just a Dad issue. Companies and advertisers need to realize that not only have men changed but women too. Women aren’t leaving their careers to be homemakers anymore. They are out in the workforce. They are running companies, owning businesses, holding offices in government. Many men, like myself, are lucky enough to be married to one of these powerful women. So I took a step back and run our house.

This is similar to the name Mr. Mom. I am not Mr. Mom I am Dad. I am not doing her job. In our house, Mom’s job is to go to work. The other job? the now that consists of watching the kids, cleaning the house, and making dinner? In my house, that is my job, and we call that job Dad. We need to stop thinking of these responsibilities as “women’s work”. It is family work, and that is what we want Amazon to acknowledge.

Now We Need Your Help

Help us tell Amazon it is time to include all the people who help raise children and let the USA catch up to the rest of the world. Kids aren’t Mom’s job it’s the Families job. Change Amazon Mom to Amazon Family.

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Bryan Alkire

Bryan is a Stay at Home Dad from Kalamazoo MI. Every day he is lucky enough to experience the joys and struggles of raising his two young girls. His older daughter, a brain tumor survivor, has just started school. His younger daughter is a ball of energy that always keeps him on his toes. He chronicles his adventures with his girls and beautiful wife on his blog When not watching the girls he plays golf (badly), enjoys craft beer, and working on that book he keeps promising to get done.

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