Having kids can hurt. Not just emotional pain, like when they yell out “I hate you” in anger, I mean hurt as in real physical pain.  There isn’t a dad out there that hasn’t taken at least one errant kick to the family jewels. ( I swear they are aiming there, but at 9 months I am pretty sure my daughters didn’t know what they were doing.) . This time, I have a real injury. I have lateral epicondylitis, better known as tennis elbow. It is an overuse injury to the tendons around the elbow caused but repeated use of the forearm muscles affecting your grip. Usually, it strikes your dominate hand. For me it was the opposite it hit my non-dominate hand. Oh and I don’t play Tennis, or really exercise much for that matter.

What I did do, is carry my kids. In parking lots, at events, or at the store. Sometimes it is because they are walking too slow. Other times they are tired, or just want a hug. Basically, I am saying that to have one of my girls in my arms wasn’t a rare occurrence. In the end, I am so tough I managed to hurt myself by holding my kids. It’s not just me. I am not alone. I spoke with some fellow (  talented ) Dad Bloggers and found that many have similar stories of how just being a dad has left them in pain.

The cause of the injury varies. Sometimes like poor Jack Parkin whose kids may be doing it on purpose. Sometimes an accident can turn scary, like how Winne the Pooh almost killed Pete Wilgoren

Most of the injuries we dads are subjected to just happen by doing your normal daddy duties. For example in the words of blogless Joel;

I’ve pulled my back twice in the past 6 months. Each time was at the end of an extended period where my wife was out-of-town on business and I was carrying the team, so to speak. The fatigue of carrying my gigantic son around has led to back injuries triggered by such death-defying tasks as “doing the laundry”.

When I pulled my back picking up a piece of Play-Doh, my 5-year-old daughter said  “ARE YOU CRYING?!”

“No buddy, I’m fine,” I said as I remained completely frozen, filled with indescribable pain.

“Oh, well it sounds like you’re crying…”

Sometimes the things that are supposed to keep our kids safe can be the problem. Just ask Scott Posey of FatherNerdsBest who lost a fight with a baby gate.

“I misjudged my ability to swing my legs over the gated play area, got my leg caught and came down hard. I hit my head on the wall and literally saw stars. There wasn’t a concussion, but it was damn close. I hate that damn baby gate play area death machine.
When you have kids your never safe. Whether it is your environment or the kids themselves you will get hurt. Just try to remember, as you try not to swear from the pain of stepping on yet another Lego, You love your kids and it is all worth it.
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Bryan Alkire

Bryan is a Stay at Home Dad from Kalamazoo MI. Every day he is lucky enough to experience the joys and struggles of raising his two young girls. His older daughter, a brain tumor survivor, has just started school. His younger daughter is a ball of energy that always keeps him on his toes. He chronicles his adventures with his girls and beautiful wife on his blog When not watching the girls he plays golf (badly), enjoys craft beer, and working on that book he keeps promising to get done.

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  • September 16, 2014 at 4:45 pm

    Today I join blogless Joel with a screwed up back. We visited Thomas the train this weekend and despite there being three adults, my two girls only wanted daddy to carry them..all…damn…weekend. I feel loved but right now i feel pain more than anything.

  • September 21, 2014 at 8:47 pm

    #JUSOFONII As a single mom I too have felt your pain- except of course for the family jewels , and for the Lego one. Those Devil toys were forbidden in the house. BB2U


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